6 Steps to Plan and Launch Your Product or Service

Maybe you’d love to have your own business – but aren’t quite sure what that would be yet. Or, maybe you already have a great idea – or, you’re already doing your ideal thang – but you have no idea HOW to get your stuff out in front of the people who would love to pay money for your help/solution…

Not to worry, my 6-step plan will take you through each piece of the process to kick off your journey to freedom!

C’mon over to Listen To Your Freedom and start the process…

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About the Author:

Jini Patel Thompson has been doing business online since 1995, when she launched one of the first dating websites on the Internet. Her online health store has been serving customers in over 60 different countries since 2002. Listen To Your Freedom is Jini's unique business-building program that will show you how to LAUNCH your own biz, or GROW your existing business - using fun, integrity and FLOW.

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