Don’t Let Tech Aversion or Frustration Hold You Back!

questionsPerhaps you love your business, but there’s one (or more!) aspect of it that you just can’t stand… Maybe you love sales and marketing, but writing blog posts and emails drives you crazy. Or you love the customer service aspect of your business, but you hate setting up the back-end delivery system for your products and email marketing; which leaves you super frustrated on a regular basis.

Let’s look at one example in depth and break it down: What if you have an Internet-based business, but you’re not a tech person? What if you LOVE everything about the creative and customer side of your business, but the tech stuff makes you lose your mind? Many people can’t deal with technology. Or they loathe having to deal with technology; which is ever-changing and always advancing.

If you have an Internet based business – or you’d like to have one – then this can become a serious limitation. Maybe you’re not implementing the tweaks, or apps or plug-ins you’d like to, because you can’t face having to learn the tech side of them?

But here’s the thing: if you shifted your focus from your lack, to simply solving the problem, you would realize that you have plenty of people who can help you with the technology stuff (or whatever your frustration is). You just need to stop trying to get yourself to be someone you’re not! ACCEPT who/what you are. And then look for a solution.

Easy Ways To Solve a Tech Aversion

Get your kids to do all your tech stuff and pay them for it. Tech and computer tasks are normal for your kids – it would be like your Mom asking you to open a can using the newfangled can opener. Refuse to pay for their movies, birthday gifts for friends, clothes etc. and tell them they have to earn the money. And how do they get to easily earn that money (that you would pay them anyway, so it’s not costing you any more!) – by doing all your tech stuff for you! Presto. Problem solved.

Don’t have kids?

Maybe you have a friend or relative who’s really good at tech stuff and you can trade them for what you’re good at. Presto. Problem solved.

You can also hire someone on for as little as $5 to fix any bugs on your site, or figure out a tech glitch for you, or even perform helpful tasks like transcribing your audio recordings, or writing a blog post, or PhotoShopping photos, etc.

I hired someone on for $17 to make a bunch of photos look like they were taken in a studio. So I saved myself a boatload of tech hassle by not having to learn how to use Photoshop, and a boatload of cash the studio-based shoot with a professional photographer would have cost. Here’s one of the shots so you can see what I mean:


BEFORE – My 11-year-old Daughter Took This Pic!


AFTER – White background with Shirt and Trouser Colors Changed!

In Listen To Your Freedom, I have an entire Module on Outsourcing (see Module 21) – where I teach you how to tap into very reasonably-priced labor worldwide to cut your operating costs, while expanding your business, and freeing up your time! The bonus is you get to practice dignity-based foreign aid; where you pay people an excellent wage for their local economy – thus enabling them to bring their entire family out of poverty and into the middle class.

Other easy fixes: You could just write your blog posts, or voice record them, and give them to your tech person to upload and format.

Focus on your strengths (creating in your zone) and outsource the rest.

Let’s say I lived in France and I spent most of my energy on beating myself up for not being good at French… would that serve any purpose? But how about if I traded art lessons with someone who could translate my writing into French, so we could both WIN and focus on what we’re good at?

You don’t need to let your limitations or difficulties stop you. That is a CHOICE not an inevitability.

In Listen To Your Freedom, we have Grandmas who had never done more than send email before they joined the program and set up their Internet-based business. You don’t need to be tech-savvy, you just need to be willing to learn the basics, and outsource the rest!

Make a list now of the stuff you hate to do in your business – but you’re doing it because you think you don’t have a choice, or you don’t think you can afford to hire someone to take it over and do it for you…

Now answer this question: Can you afford dinner and a movie?

Great! You can afford to outsource the first item on your list.

Can you afford a Starbucks latte?

Great! You can outsource one of the single tasks on your list. Start now and make your world bigger, your workload lighter, and your business more profitable!

“Jini is a genius! Her Listen To Your Freedom course is fantastic! If you want to do it right, simply follow Jini’s step-by-step guide on how to set up your heart centered business. Listen To Your Freedom takes the guess work out. What I love the most about this course is that it is based on integrity and sharing your most valuable gifts with your audience freely. The only regret I have is that I did not have this course years ago, when I first started out. Highly recommended!”
– Dr. Katharina Johnson

In Listen To Your Freedom, we are all about hope and belief in yourself; combined with the tools and roadmap you need to make your online business successful – and create the life of freedom you first envisioned for yourself. Click Here for all the program details…

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