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jini-loriWhen your biz is based on your soul’s desire and the things that turn your crank, the line between Work and Play gets blurred and it all just becomes your LIFE.

That’s why businesses based in FREEDOM thrive in flow and creativity and are very exciting to be a part of. Here’s a story from the Listen To Your Freedom (biz program) journey into existence that illustrates this exactly:

My friend Kesia – who is a 3rd Dan Ki Aikido practitioner – tells me about this vision she had: That LTYF (Listen To Your Freedom) is a bird perched on the edge of the nest and all I have to do is give it a little push; maybe even just a puff of air to it’s back, and it will take flight.

So I take that and receive it. And I say to myself, I need to go into this and give this ‘bird’ permission to launch. However, the bird that I’m seeing in my mind’s eye is small, like a bluejay-sized bird. And so then I feel, no, this bird is not big enough, it needs a much larger wingspan and lots of different colors in its wings. And I think of my painting:


And I feel even more strongly, this bird needs to be able to SOAR way up high in the clouds, not just fly around for a while, then alight upon the next branch. So now I’m thinking: What’s missing from LTYF that this bird is so small? What else do I need to do – how do I add the colors to its wings and make it bigger? I spend the next few days pondering and discussing this with my husband Ian.

What keeps coming up again and again, is the difficulties I’ve had from the homepage, to the marketing sequence, to the modules, to the Workbook; of trying to speak to two completely different groups of people, coming from completely different places.

On the one hand, we have the person who doesn’t have a business or a website, or even a blog. And on the other hand, there is the person who already has one or two of those things, but is not experiencing success. Although the process of building a thriving online biz is the same for both of those groups – feedback thus far has shown me that they don’t know that, and they don’t consider themselves to be similar at all.

And I start to wonder if that’s the change – splitting LTYF into two completely separate programs – I wonder if that will allow LTYF to fly and soar like an eagle waaaaaay up in the clouds.

So I’m discussing this with my friend Lori – who is also one of the LTYF Testers. We’re at Crescent Beach in White Rock, and I’m taking some photos of Lori for her new site design. We’re talking as we walk along the path to the next place we want to shoot and she says, “Look at that eagle!” It is perched in a tall tree, right in front of us, so of course I take its picture:


It then launches itself skyward and flaunts its magnificence as it gives us the show of all shows:








If that weren’t enough confirmation, as the eagle flies off, Lori clutches my arm and gasps, “Now look what’s on the branch!” Perched on exactly the same branch, in exactly the same spot, is a bluejay-sized bird (a male Red-winged Blackbird)!!


So yes, I took that as pretty darn clear confirmation that I do indeed need to split LTYF into 2 separate programs, so that the small bird can transform and soar like an eagle!

Whilst Ian and I suspected this right from the beginning – over 2 years ago, I personally, was not open to creating TWO mammoth business programs at once! So the universe/divine/source energy took a back seat and just waited me out, let me create the first one and then said, ‘So. You want a blackbird, or an eagle?’

And that’s why my homepage looks like this right now:


So you see, when you’re an integrated person and you realize that your business and your life are not separate entities, but all just part of the whole; then inspiration and direction can come from all sources – not just from a strategy meeting in a boredroom (oops I mean boardroom!) 😉

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Jini Patel Thompson has been doing business online since 1995, when she launched one of the first dating websites on the Internet. Her online health store has been serving customers in over 60 different countries since 2002. Listen To Your Freedom is Jini's unique business-building program that will show you how to LAUNCH your own biz, or GROW your existing business - using fun, integrity and FLOW.

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