How To Get Your Stuff OUT THERE Faster!

tigersDTWhen you have a new business or blog, and you only have a tiny list of names/emails – or no list at all – your fastest way to generate traction is to get yourself OUT THERE.

And while frequent blogging and social media posting are great ways to do that, they can take years to gain momentum. However, you can really turbo-charge your visibility by creating connection with people in your niche who are already successful and highly visible.

Success can come much faster through personal connection with other people who are already successful, and have recognized the value of your work, and so have recommended it to their people.

Who do you know in your niche, that has a good-sized following, either via their site, or social media, that you can build a relationship with, that can ultimately lead to them talking about you, blogging about you, or emailing a free gift from you to their list?

How can you build relationship with successful people?

One of the easiest ways to start a relationship with someone you admire, who is in your niche and already talking to your ideal customer is to hire them! Book a consult or session with them and get their advice on your work. This is what Jon Morrow did and it catapulted him to success.

Another great way to start a relationship with someone influential is to call them up (or email them) and ask to interview them for your site. Just make sure your site looks good enough that someone checking it out would want to be featured on your site. For a great quality interview, use Instant Teleseminar, but Skype can also work well, and record the interview as an mp3.

A woman in Israel sent me an email asking me to do a webinar about my health stuff with her, it was short, sweet and very genuine. This is exactly what she sent me:

Hi Jini. My name is Adi Zusman, from Israel. I’m gastro-dietition, with speciality to Crohn’s and Colitis’ also IBS. I established a community of Israelian patients, wich works and supports patients and families, in facebook, webinars, courses and workshops, I have a clinic’, where peple get a holistic treatment – nutrutuon, chinese medicine, psychotherapy. I’m familiar with your great work, purchase? your book. In preparation for May, a lot of peaple asked me to make a webinar with you. So i decided to offer you this project: lets expose you and your activity to Israel patients! Lets record an interview with you, where you ‘ll tell your incredible story and give a peple a hope! So…. what do you think? Sorry if I interrupt you, but I belive in collaboration and abundance. Sincerely, Adi

Was it formatted nicely? Spell-checked? No! But it was completely sincere and bubbled with her personality. Plus it’s obvious she is a non-native English speaker, so I don’t expect perfect grammar. I said, “Sure.” As it turned out, the webinar was a blast (stopping every couple sentences for translation!), she had over 1000 people register for it, and I gave everyone a free eBook.

It was a win-win and all it took was her reaching out with one email to me.

So who can you reach out to in your niche, or who has a compatible or synergistic product or service to yours?

Always give something for free

After you’ve held your interview (or webinar) you can ask them to blog about the interview on their site (as you will do on yours) and either send out the mp3 for free to everyone on their list, or offer it in the blog post as a free download. Encourage them to do this as your interview will make them look good!

At the end of the interview, you can give out your subject’s website and then give out your own website and tell listeners you’ve got a free gift for them. Maybe your interview subject wants to promote their free gift too?

The key to building a successful online business is to get your name and your stuff OUT THERE by making connections and building relationships of integrity with people who are already talking to your ideal customer. Give stuff away for free and just get your name and your vibe out in front of as many potential tribe members as you can.

You can view these people as competitors, or you can view them as collaborators, or colleagues. You can choose to focus on synergy; where you can all soar higher by working together, and approach them from that space. Choose to focus on how you can help them, how you can promote their work FIRST. And let your increased exposure and visibility be a natural by-product of that.

Look for offline ways to reach people

Even though you want to send people to your website, and all your stories/info about what you can do for them are on your website – your first point of contact with the people who need your stuff may be offline! And from there, you can send them to your site for all the details.

Post a notice about what you offer and how you can help at local businesses; coffee shops, grocery stores, libraries, gyms, etc. Niche businesses will often agree to carry your cards or flyers in their store. For example, if you have an equine chiropractic business, ask if you can post notices or leave flyers at local feed stores, tack shops, community co-ops, etc. Look for businesses that already have your ideal customer walking in their door – offer the store a commission if needed.

Partner up with local practitioners or service people. If you offer a commission-based referral, you can get other people who are already servicing your ideal customer to refer them to you as well. For example, a Naturopathic doctor could partner up with several local massage therapists for referrals. Typically, you would offer a “First Visit Discount” to the new client as well. Do not look upon this as “losing money”! Instead, view this as a marketing cost, or customer acquisition cost. So what if you lose $20 or $50 on that referral client’s first visit? If you are offering an excellent product or service, that customer will be back! And over the next 6 months or year, you may make hundreds or thousands of dollars from that client – is that worth $20-50? You bet it is.

Give a talk at a local group. Offer to come speak about a helpful topic (that relates to what you offer) at a local group or organization. Libraries, health stores, schools, business networking groups, associations and others are often looking for solutions you can provide. A reptile rescue center makes volunteer presentations to schoolchildren (bringing in a few reptile ambassadors of course!) and offers free or cheap tours to school groups – then sends everyone home to mum with a brochure.

These are just some of the many ways you can start letting local people/groups know you are around and what you offer. A good website is key to keep those relationships going, but you can certainly kick it off by meeting people or making contact offline.


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