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biz-booksI don’t know about you, but I have a couple full shelves of business and marketing books in my office, but of those, there are not many that I would recommend to other people to read. So know that the books you see here are only the GOOD ones!

If you want to supplement your learning, or go in-depth on a particular subject, then here is a list of fabulous business books that I have read, and compiled the best ones for you here.

If you buy the Kindle version of the book, that is the cheapest way, but most are also available in paperback.

And remember, if you do not have a Kindle, here’s some free software you can download to convert any Kindle book into a normal PDF eBook (works for Mac or PC or any tablet, etc.) Enjoy!


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Jini Patel Thompson has been doing business online since 1995, when she launched one of the first dating websites on the Internet. Her online health store has been serving customers in over 60 different countries since 2002. Listen To Your Freedom is Jini's unique business-building program that will show you how to LAUNCH your own biz, or GROW your existing business - using fun, integrity and FLOW.

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