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dinner-turkey-DT.jpgI was having dinner with my extended family one night, and a question popped into my head: What was the BEST time of your life to date – the time you felt the most energized, alive, and the most like YOU?

So I asked the question and we went round the table, sharing our stories. There were people there aged 6 to 75 and their answers surprised me so much, I started asking other people. I asked my book club, friends at dinner parties, friends at coffee, mums at school.

Spoiler Alert: You may want to pause here and ask yourself the same question, and make note of your answer, before I go on… πŸ™‚

Out of all the people I asked, except for one person, their answers were amazingly similar: They all talked about a time in their life before they had kids, before they owned a mortgage, a car payment, or an established career path.

Whether their story was about leaving home and going to college, or graduating college and traveling around before their first serious job, or an adventurous job in another country – the stories were all about times of transition and possibility. When the world lay open before them, when things could have gone either way, when they did something brand new, or stepped into a challenge, or followed a dream, or threw themselves upon the currents of the universe.

BEFORE commitment, before stability, before a steady job, marriage, kids and all the other things we are taught from Grade 1 to strive for: “WHY do I have to go to school?” So that you can get a good education β†’ get a good job β†’ get married and have kids, and be able to afford to pay for all the stuff that goes with a nuclear family.

Not that this is a rant against nuclear families! I have one myself, with a husband, 3 kids, 4 horses, a dog, and 2 cats.

But what I found REALLY INTERESTING is that even the grandmas and grandpas talked about the same time of excitement and possibility as the 3o and 40-year-olds.


My mum and dad (the smooching couple) on safari in Kenya (c) Sharad Patel

It seems that all of us, even 50 or 60 years later, come alive when we talk about the time(s) in our life where we stepped into passion, unsurety, adventure, hope and expansion.

So I want to issue you a Vibrant Self Challenge which will give you the chance to win a free Lifetime Membership in Listen To Your Freedom.

Let me explain…

Reconnecting To Your Vibrant Self

vibrantVibrant is defined as having or showing great life, activity, and energy. When you think back over the times of your life where you felt open, flowing, energized, rapturous, adventurous, creative, challenged, or expansive… identify WHAT you were doing that produced those feelings of vibrancy.

Now maybe you cannot re-create the same circumstances, or events at this time of your life. But you can go within yourself to discover what would open you to experiencing those same FEELINGS again now. What would make you feel alive NOW? What buried hope or dream still calls you to explore? What new interest or challenge would give you the same vibrant feelings as you once felt?

For example, now that I have 3 kids and 4 horses, being a fashion journalist in Tokyo (something I did in my early 20’s) does not even appeal to me! But when I reconnect to the FEELINGS of that vibrant time of my life, I can then ask myself: What can I do NOW that would bring me those same feelings of exciting possibility, the unknown, that feeling of throwing myself into a creative challenge? What would I enjoy now, with the same sense of thrill and anticipation, with the stretch-myself challenge thrown in?

My answer: I’ve always admired artists. Since childhood I wished I could draw and paint like some of my friends could. But I was not naturally gifted and was offered zero art classes during my entire school curriculum. I could copy cartoons and draw stick men. Literally, that’s it.

But I found an art teacher, who, when I said to her, “I can’t draw. Seriously, I can only draw stickmen,” replied: “That’s okay, cause I’m not going to teach you to how to draw. I’m going to teach you how to SEE.” And shivers ran down my

So at age 40, I began drawing and painting for the first time. It was so hard for me in the first few months, that I’d have a headache by the end of every class. But it was so challenging, enlivening and thrilling, that even the headaches were worth it. I couldn’t believe the stuff I was creating! I was overjoyed when I created my first painting – I thought it was so good! It wasn’t πŸ™‚ But my 6-year-old daughter loved it and snagged it for her room.

Within 2 years I was donating paintings to auction and doing commissioned paintings for friends and family. Do I want to make a living as an artist? Hell no! In fact, part of the allure for me was that I could have something that was NOT monetized – that was just for me! Although, of course I created a website and logged some sales, just so I could write off all my expenses – nudge nudge wink wink.

My painting of an elephant charging our car when we were on safari

My painting of an elephant charging our car when we were on safari (c) Jini Patel Thompson

The Vibrant Self Challenge

So I want to challenge you to re-awaken this same connection to your own vibrancy. And when you connect to your hidden desires, your buried passions, your numbed out dreams, your exhausted ideas, and you re-awaken that Vibrant Self – I want to hear about it!

Maybe your Vibrant Self is longing to rebuild a classic car, or travel to China, or volunteer to play the piano at nursing homes, or join a theatre improv group, or decorate cakes, or be a mermaid… the list goes on into infinity!


All you need to do is figure out what will re-connect you to your Vibrant Self, begin doing that (put your idea into ACTION) and then either email me about it, or post a video telling me, or showing me what you did, and how it made you FEEL.

When you tell me what you did for the Vibrant Self Challenge, then you will be automatically entered into a monthly draw to win Lifetime Membership in my Listen To Your Freedom program – where you’ll learn how to create an automated, online business based on your top passion, skill, or interest. You can learn more about the program here and why this would be such a great gift to win!

Does that sound like fun? I hope so! And probably it feels a little bit scary too – exciting things usually do.

So go ahead. Write me an email, or shoot me a video on your phone, and let me know what you did to re-connect to your truest, most vibrant self. Then send it to: and you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly draw to win Lifetime Free Membership in Listen To Your Freedom. Oh, and if you’ve already paid for your membership, or you’re on the monthly plan – no worries, if you win, all your payments will be refunded.

Soar Higher!


(c) Jini Patel Thompson

p.s. And in case you’re wondering what the young children at the dinner table answered – they talked about winning a soccer tournament, galloping on a horse for the first time, and going to Mexico.

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