Shoot Studio Quality Photos of Yourself In Your Backyard!

oval-sign-jini-no-studioIf you want to get professional photos of yourself (or a client) to use on your website, brochures, powerpoint presentations, etc. BUT you don’t want to spend $1000 or more on a professional photographer for a studio shoot… I’m going to show you how!

The first thing that you need is a really good camera. I bought my Nikon D3200 at a boxing day sale for $600 (including a portrait lens and tripod!). So look for a sale, or check Amazon and take the plunge. Or borrow one from a friend, or rent one for about $100 for the day.

Shoot outside with greenery or wood in the background. Make sure you (the subject) is standing in shade. It’s best if it’s a sunny day, but the subject must be in the shade. No sun on the face!

Put the camera on a tripod – then even your 10-year-old can come out and just push the shutter button! Frame yourself in the shot. For portraits (most often used on websites), frame from the hips up, or from the elbows up.

Stand with your shoulders forced way back (yes it will feel weird!). If you tend towards a double-chin at all, then move your entire head forwards on your neck – don’t just jut your chin out, your whole head needs to come forward (yes this will feel weird as hell) and then smile. If you want to make yourself look thinner, then adjust the tripod height until the camera is higher than your head. Tilt the lens down towards you to take photos. If a person is holding the camera, get them a ladder or stepping stool to stand on. Boom – instant 10 pounds gone!

Look directly into the camera lens and think of something that actually brings you joy, or makes you laugh, and smile. You MUST have genuine emotion behind your smile or the photo will not give your viewer a warm, open, welcoming feeling.

Wear at least three different outfits or shirts – think about what colors will go best with your website. If you’re going to have your final “studio pictures” on a white background, then don’t wear a white shirt.

After you have taken about 100 photos, upload them to iPhoto or whatever photo app you use. Select the BEST 10-15 shots and send these off to a Photoshop expert on or

Ask them to cut you out of the background and replace the background with white. They can also change clothing colors for you, if you want, and they can adjust your skin tone and whiten your teeth. Look for someone with advanced Photoshop skills if you want them to also remove blemishes or smooth wrinkles.

Here’s a real-life example of what I’m talking about. I put my camera on a tripod (portrait setting on auto-focus), framed all the shots and got my 11-year-old daughter and her friend to push the shutter button. I then hired someone on for $17 to make a bunch of the photos look like they were taken in a studio. I only requested that they cut me out of the background and replace it with white, and change some of the clothing colors. I saved myself a boatload of tech hassle by not having to learn how to use Photoshop, and a boatload of cash the studio-based shoot with a professional photographer would have cost! Here’s one of the shots so you can see what I mean:


BEFORE – My 11-year-old Daughter Took This Pic!


AFTER – White background with Shirt and Trouser Colors Changed!

This is how I then used the image on my website

This is how I then used the image on my website

In Listen To Your Freedom, I have an entire Module on Outsourcing – where I teach you how to tap into very reasonably-priced labor worldwide to cut your operating costs, while expanding your business, and freeing up your time! The bonus is you get to practice dignity-based foreign aid; where you pay people an excellent wage for their local economy – thus enabling them to bring their entire family out of poverty and into the middle class.

Here’s two more examples so you can see how cool this process is and what killer shots you can get for only $20 in outsourcing fees!









And here’s another example of how I used some of these shots in a presentation:


Now it’s your turn. Go have fun!

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