The Importance of NOT Putting Pressure on your Biz

Here’s a cycle or pattern that happens over and over again with entrepreneurs: You have put in hundreds of hours and gallons of sweat equity into launching that new business. Or maybe you’ve just launched a line extension, or a new division of an existing business. Whichever way, it’s NEW. It’s untried, unproven and you’ve got a whole lot riding on the outcome.

Well, if money is an energy, does that sound like you are energetically in flow? Or contraction?

When you put pressure on a new business or product to perform – that is a contractile, pushy, grasping energy. And remember that your feelings and thoughts determine your actions. So that energy will carry through to the copy you write, the product descriptions, the text in your shopping cart process, your headlines, your opt-in, your conversion funnel, and dozens of other touchpoints with your site visitor.

So do you think a visitor to your site is going to FEEL the pressure woven through everything you do and say? You bet!

And here’s the thing about energy. It just IS. It’s not something you can mask or lie about. If you think you can, go hang out with a horse for a while, and you’ll realize you can’t hide or mask anything about how you really feel or think – the horse will mirror it back to you.

So as I advise members of Listen To Your Freedom: Do whatever you need to do to take the pressure OFF your new venture!

That might mean you keep your day job and work evenings and weekends to launch your new biz. Remember, this is something that means so much to you, you’d do it for free, so it’s not work anyway. Or, it might mean you get a part-time job while your spouse works full-time.

Work Part-Time or Flex-Time

When I was setting up my telecommunications company in the ’90s I worked as an extra on movie sets. Working as an extra (or any actor) for film means there is a lot of sitting around waiting for people, production, sets, etc. So while I was sitting there getting paid, I was working on my own biz (on my laptop) at the same time. It was also a flex job where I could work as little or as much as I wanted each month. There was no pre-set commitment, my agent would call with a job and I was free to say yes, or no.

Freelance as a Consultant

One of our Freedomites contracted herself out as a consultant 3 days/week. But she invoiced through her new company, so she did not have to lose any money to the usual paycheque deductions, and she could use that income to fund her new business growth, write off some of her car, rent, meals, etc. All paid for with pre-tax dollars so she saved 30% right off the bat.

Use Your Existing Job to Fund your Biz

Another Freedomite (member of Listen To Your Freedom) used LTYF Forte to launch her first business, only 4 months after she joined; which was profitable right from the start. She then upgraded to Fortissimo and launched her second business, which was bankrolled by her first business. She kept working her existing jobs during the 4-months it took her to launch her first biz.

jeromy-tedOur final Freedomite example joined LTYF when his website had already been up and running for 3 years, but not getting much traction. He was working as an accountant to pay the bills when he signed up for the Fortissimo program. Within a few months he had thousands on his email list and was earning money from his site. Within 8 months he was earning enough money to drop all his accounting clients if he wished (he kept a few of them). And within 12 months he was invited to present his first TED Talk at Berkeley.

So what do all these success stories have in common?


If you want your new business, service, or venture to really sing, and embody the best of what you have to offer the world, then the energy behind that biz has to be free and flowing.

Some people have the classic entrepreneur personality; where deadlines, tight budgets (or no budget!), a large debt load etc. doesn’t faze them. They are able to walk the tightrope, hustle, and still put out great stuff from a place of flow and good energy. For those people, I have creative fundraising methods in LTYF Fortissimo – like rolling over your credit cards so you never pay more than 1.99% interest, but yet can borrow tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For people who become stressed out by debt, or deadlines, or risk-taking, it’s better to use no-risk fundraising options like Crowdfunding – and I show you how to do that in LTYF too – or keep a part-time, flex-time, or full-time job while building your heart-centered biz.

Business as Art

When you create your business from a place of no pressure and no expectation, you give yourself the space to really CREATE. Your ideas and inspiration are allowed to come from flow, fun, craziness, or humor. Because your primary mandate is not, How can I get people to buy my stuff?

It is rather, How can I express my deepest truth, or be of greatest service, and change as many lives as are ready to move forward? You are looking for those people who are ready to embrace passion, or ease, or efficiency, or joy, or shift, or transformation, or healing, or whatever awesomeness you have to offer.

And so your positioning is that you don’t care how long that takes: Hey, whenever you’re ready to make your world bigger/better, I’m here!

Do you think the absence of desperation, the absence of pressure or expectation then comes through to your website visitor? Or to the person who walks into your store, cafe, or office? Of course it does. Most of the decisions we make throughout the day are made through feel, not analysis. And in purchasing decisions, the prospect’s feeling is paramount – as this experiment shows.

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Jini Patel Thompson has been doing business online since 1995, when she launched one of the first dating websites on the Internet. Her online health store has been serving customers in over 60 different countries since 2002. Listen To Your Freedom is Jini's unique business-building program that will show you how to LAUNCH your own biz, or GROW your existing business - using fun, integrity and FLOW.

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