The Solution to Feeling Overwhelmed by your Business


I am overwhelmed. Affiliates, blogging, new product creation, marketing, social media… it feels SO heavy and like I’m slogging through mud. What do I do first? Don’t I need it all to work efficiently? I don’t have enough bandwidth or time to invest in all this, so how do I do it without feeling like its gonna be a long trip. I can do it, there is no question in my mind. But I need help to break this biz of mine down into bite size chunks. Will put the work in. Will works ass off. But it still feels HUGE!

Here’s the solution to overwhelm: Prioritize.

And the way you do that is to ask yourself a series of questions, in this order:

1. What is my #1 priority TODAY? Is it to make some money, or finish a project, or build relationship with my list, or eat healthier and get more sleep, etc?

Yes, I know that all of them are likely priorities, but what is your Number ONE priority, right now, today? Because you have to start with just ONE thing and work it through to completion. Then, of course, you can come back here and start all over again with the next thing.

2. Based on what you answered above, now ask yourself: What are the TOP 3 tasks I need to do to accomplish my #1 priority?

So let’s say your priority was to make some money. In that case your Top 3 list might look like this:

1) Plan and implement a 3-5 email promotion to my existing list for my new course. Give great content by linking to my blog where I have an article, or YouTube videos. Maybe I give a free audio. Throughout the email series I am talking about my new course, making references to it. Every blog post I send them to, links to my new course product page (in case they want to check it out or buy it). In the final email I give them a discount code for X% off if they purchase within 24 hours – 7 days (your choice).

2) Every blog post you link to in the email promotion to your list (see above) can also be posted to your social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure you have “invited” everyone you know to be your “friend” or “Like” your page first. This is a fast way of promoting as it only requires one extra step. Post one link every 3 – 7 days. Make your post something that you yourself would want to SHARE if you saw it on a friend’s timeline. Because if your friends pick it up and “Share” it on their timeline, then 100 new people will see it for every friend that “Shares”.

3) Expand your reach by guest blogging or approaching potential affiliates. Both of these tactics will put your stuff in front of hundreds of new faces. Do whichever one appeals to you first. But in both cases, only approach sites that appeal to your ideal customer. It’s better to write a guest blog post for a site in your niche with only a few hundred subscribers who are your perfect customer, than to write a guest post for a site with 20,000 subscribers of whom 1% might be interested in your stuff. You can easily search for sites that welcome guest bloggers by typing this into Google: sites looking for guest bloggers. You can also approach the blogs you follow and love to read and ask them if you can do a guest post.

Note: Until your site is generating good traffic (visitors), don’t expect to make much money from carrying affiliate ads on your site, or promoting other people’s products because…. who are you going to promote to?

And how do you drive more traffic to your site? Well now we’re back to social media, leaving comments on other people’s blog posts, posting in forums, building relationships with other successful people in your niche. All the things I teach you how to do in Listen To Your Freedom.

You have to do the online equivalent of ‘hanging out’ or networking. So instead of texting friends or watching videos, etc. in those moments throughout your day that are spent waiting for a few minutes here or there, use those moments to ‘hang out’ and get yourself seen and known in as many ways as you can.

After you’ve made your TOP 3 tasks list, action one piece each day. Break that list down into daily, actionable tasks. So using the list above, you might set your goal for each day to just write one promotional email and the corresponding blog post.

That’s it! Just one blog post per day and then a few paragraphs of an email linking to that post. By the end of one week, you will have your promotional series ready to send out to your list!

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