Unplugging is Essential To Being Successful in Businesses

Even when the backbone of your business is technology driven (like mine are) it is crucial to completely unplug and go 100% offline from time to time.


Because nothing refreshes you and gives you that “raring to go!” feeling quite like a total tech blackout.

I do this a minimum of once per year, for 2 full weeks, but usually twice per year. We go to our favorite resort in Akumal, Mexico and swim with the sea turtles and sting rays:


Monkey about on the beach:


Go for long walks barefoot and have rousing conversations with hunky brothers:


Eat amazing food:


Swim every day in the ocean and play in the pools:


Relax on the deck:


Dine every day in fresh air with a beautiful view:


Do fun or unusual things, like archery:


I always bring some art stuff and usually persuade others to create something in my artbook:


We swim and kayak in local cenotes:


 And one of my favorite things; lying back on the beach, watching eagles and pelicans fly and hunt:


No phone, no computer, no devices or screens of any kind. Just fully being present in mind, body and relationship. Can you see how incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating this can be?

Maybe your recharge spot is hiking in the mountains, or skiing in crisp powder, or exploring new villages or cultures. I challenge you to do it tech-free on your next trip and observe your discomfort (panic/anxiety?), restlessness (boredom?) and go beyond that discomfort to the peace and BEing that is waiting for you.

And if you can’t go tech-free for a week or two, then that reveals a gaping hole in the systems of your business and how you are managing your systems and people. In Listen To Your Freedom we place a big emphasis on teaching members how to automate and outsource everything but their top talent; so their business services their lifestyle and supports their freedom, rather than draining their freedom or cutting them off from it!

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Jini Patel Thompson has been doing business online since 1995, when she launched one of the first dating websites on the Internet. Her online health store has been serving customers in over 60 different countries since 2002. Listen To Your Freedom is Jini's unique business-building program that will show you how to LAUNCH your own biz, or GROW your existing business - using fun, integrity and FLOW.

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