Why WordPress Links Are Not Showing Up In Published Posts

goodOne of our YouTube viewers recently posted this question for us:

why are my links not highlighted in my blog , when I post them . When I edit they are but when I post they’re not .

So basically, he’s using the LINK tool in his post dashboard editor to add a hyperlink (web url or address) to his blog post and that’s working well. He saves the blog post, then publishes it. But on his live post, the hyperlink does NOT appear highlighted, or underlined in blue like this… it just looks like normal text. So none of his readers can tell it’s actually a hyperlink with more useful info, or a link to a product, or another blog post, etc.

How do you fix this? So that your hyperlinks show up as highlighted text in your published blog post?

Well, in WordPress, the default link color is always blue and this is how links will always appear in the post editor in your Dashboard.

But, when the post is published, the color of the link depends on the link style sheet attributes.

If the link color is set to be the same color as the text color (i.e. black or gray as the text color) in your style sheet, then you’ll have the problem our YouTube viewer is having.

The link color in css style sheet should be defined as different from the text color to distinguish whether it is hyperlinked or not. Even if you did not go into the style sheet and change this, maybe the theme you chose comes with your hyperlinks pre-defined to be the same color as your text. Or, maybe it’s just gone buggy somewhere!

Regardless,  you can check in your css style sheets to see whether the body color attributes (this is what appears as normal text) and the link color attributes (will be shown in your style sheet as: “.entry-content a” or “a”) are different.

To get to your WordPress style sheets, go to Appearance –> Editor in your Dashboard.

For example, these screenshots show that both the regular text (body) and link color (a) are same (color: #666;)

Regular blog post text (body):


Hyperlink color (a):


So to fix this, you would just specify a link color – you could choose blue, or whichever color you wish. Blue is the safest color to go with, because it’s universally understood to be a hyperlink (weblink). And then SAVE your style sheet (Update File) with the new link color.

If you want to go fancy-schmancy, then use these CSS Style Sheet Instructions (scroll down) to specify a different color for when the mouse hovers over the link as well.

Remember, if you ever need help with stuff like this on your WordPress blog, you can hire someone on Fiverr.com for $5 or $10 to fix it for you!

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    This worked for me. Thanks. Should have thought of it myself though.

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